An ISV and Software Consultancy

Independent Software Vendor

TransparenTech is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). We develop software applications in house and sell them directly to end users via specialized websites.

Below is a list of the software titles that are developed, marketed and distributed by TransparenTech LLC.

You can learn more about the individual software titles through their specialized websites.

UUID Generator Service

Generate universally unique identifiers quickly and easily, individually or in bulk.

Try out our newest service for generating universally unique identifiers. You can generate individual UUIDs or bulk sets of UUIDs. Bulk sets of UUIDs can be downloaded in a file or displayed on the site.

UUID Generator


Portfolio Management Software - StockMarketEye

for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and iOS

StockMarketEye is our flagship product. It is an easy to use investment tracking software tool that helps you keep an eye on your investments and the stock market. You can observe stocks from most major world exchanges (New York, London, Toronto, SydneyParis, Frankfurt, Sydney and more) via a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to track tens, hundreds or even thousands of stocks.

Whether you are a full-time stock picker or just managing your 401K, StockMarketEye is a key resource in making the right decisions at the right time.

  • Track the performance of your retirement account and other investments with portfolios.
  • Keep your eye on the market with watchlists.
  • Get perspective on market movement with stock charts.
  • See the performance of all of your investments at a glance with the investment tracking overview.
  • Find ticker symbols with the built-in symbol search.
  • Get free quotes, updated automatically or on-demand.
  • View basic fundamental ratios.
  • Access stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, indexes or currency pairs from most major world exchanges.
  • Keep your investing ideas on your desktop, not on the Internet.
  • Download StockMarketEye now for a free, fully functional 30-day trial.

  • Learn more about how you can keep your eye on the market.

StockMarketEye is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and iOS.

Windows version of StockMarketEye